Fifth Administration

Bishop Rebecca W. Fletcher’s Tenure Began: September 22, 2004

Bishop Rebecca W. Fletcher received the Holy Ghost at the age of 15 in the House of God Church, Baltimore, Maryland. She answered the call of God immediately and began preaching the unadulterated gospel of God in 1941.

After she married Deacon James W. Fletcher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, God led her to open Bible study in her home. Neighbors and children from the community gathered faithfully for this evangelistic explosion. From this outreach, Chief Overseer, Bishop M. F. L. Keith appointed her to pastor and build an edifice in Wilmington, Delaware and the building was dedicated in September 1973. She pastored there from 1959-1976. She was pastor in Wilmington and Philadelphia. Striving to retrieve a decent Church building in Philadelphia, they moved from smaller buildings to the present building of worship on Oxford and Hancock Streets. That building was renovated and dedicated in September 1978. Currently, extensive renovation of that edifice is nearing completion with a rededication in clear view.

At Headquarters, all of the dorms have seen renovation and the Youth Center has been revitalized for community needs as well as for the needs of our precious youths. The lot where the home of our Founder was located now has a new building, the Rebecca W. Fletcher Heritage House. During her administration, on an every third year rotating basis with the IMOS/IDU Summit and Youth Congress, we began our Leadership Conference to further mold our people in the die-cast that has been set.

Bishop Fletcher has served as presiding state bishop for the dioceses of Connecticut, Florida East Coast, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania/Delaware, Georgia #2 and New York.

On the National level of the church she served as a Sunday School Committee writer, and on the Supreme Executive Council, Secretary of the General Trustee Board, Secretary of the Ad Hoc Committee, Complex Committee Chairperson, Publication Committee Chairperson, and Advisor to the International Missionary Outreach Society. She is a Certified Religious Studies Instructor, she holds a Doctor of Divinity Degree, and most importantly, she is an Elect Lady of the Lord.

Bishop Rebecca W. Fletcher was anointed as the Fifth Chief Overseer on Septembers 22, 2004. A devout searcher of the Scriptures as well as a teacher who imparts knowledge of God’s Word, our current Moderator and Chief Executive Head of the House of God Church sincerely cares for the souls of God.